What Shopify Theme is this Store?

How do you detect the Shopify theme a website is using?

First Impressions

Have you ever heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? When talking about books, this familiar phrase rings true. However, when browsing online, the appeal of a website’s “cover” or layout might even be more critical than what it actually contains. 

Without an attractive, and engaging layout or theme, people might decide to scroll away or choose a competitor. First impressions are everything and that's never more true than when it comes to your website. If you want viewers to visit your website and become happy customers, your website has to be easy, attractive, and intuitive to use. This can be achieved without much sweat and it starts with your Shopify theme.

Default Theme

Themes are the backbone of ecommerce. After all, it takes users approximately 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. This judgment will determine whether they like your site or not and whether they’ll stay or leave. Shopify has 3 major types of themes you can choose from; default theme, free themes, and paid themes.

Shopify offers a default theme that is easy to use and customizable. If you’re new to the ecommerce sphere, playing around with this default theme might be a good idea. This theme is simple, user-friendly, and easy to browse. Starting with the default theme and customizing it a bit can provide an attractive canvas for certain brands that align with the simplicity of the theme.

Shopify’s Themes

Screenshot of Shopify default theme
Screenshot of Shopify Default Theme

Once you feel confident enough to start customizing your online store, you can begin choosing the best Shopify themes that fit your brand. Here are the most essential factors you need to consider before you begin developing your Shopify store and choosing a theme.

How do you detect the Shopify theme a website is using?

If you like to take inspiration from other fellow ecommerce store owners, you’re not alone! Sometimes browsing other Shopify stores can give you an idea of what you want yours to look and feel like. When looking at someone else’s page, what did you like about it? How did it make you feel? What specific features and elements did you find pleasing?

Sometimes, even if you find a few Shopify themes you want to model your website after, it can be difficult to determine which specific theme that store is using and what the theme name is. Are they free Shopify themes or paid themes? 

Luckily, there is a solution and it's called a Shopify Theme Detector! These helpful tools, usually a web app or Chrome extension can tell you exactly which theme a website or store is using.

Shopify Theme detectors

1. BeamCommerce Shopify Theme Detector - Our Shopify Theme Detector (above) will instantly help you find the store theme of your favorite merchant. Just input the URL and you'll immediately get the theme id without having to mess with source code.

2. Avada Shopify Theme Detector - Reliable and less spammy than alternatives. This Shopify theme detector will tell you what theme a URL is using without trying to sell you anything.

3. Shop Theme Detector - This theme detector works, but suffers from a million affiliate links. It’s hard to use without accidentally clicking on an affiliate link and being redirected to create a Shopify store.

4. Gorgias Shopify Theme Detector - a reliable and well-designed theme detector. This tool requires an email address which will likely land you in an email marketing funnel. If you don’t mind that then this is a great option.

How to detect a Shopify theme by looking at a website’s source code

Another method of finding a Shopify theme is to look directly at the website’s source code. Right click anywhere on the website and choose inspect in a Chrome Browser. Then command + f to search the code for “shopify.theme.” 

Screenshot of Inspecting Shopify Theme Source Code
Screenshot of Inspecting Shopify Theme Source Code

In most cases this will tell you the name of the theme the store is using, if it’s a Shopify-built theme. Otherwise, you can also search for “theme_store_id” in order to find the theme ID. A quick Google Search can typically help you match a theme id to the creator of a Shopify theme. 

Screenshot of Shopify "theme_store_id"
Screenshot of Shopify "theme_store_id"

In some cases you can quickly purchase and start using the same theme on your own Shopify store. Other times, it’ll require a bit more customization to get a similar design and functionality as the store you’re aspiring to. It’s very common for Shopify stores to develop over time with custom apps from the Shopify App Store.

Is user experience at the heart of your Shopify store theme?

It can be tempting to try and replicate the exact design of another Shopify store, especially if you know they’re doing well. However, resist the temptation. Every business is unique, just like your customers. So instead of building what works for another store, focus on building what’s right for your customers and your business. 

Shopify provides thousands of apps, from Design, to SEO, to Upsells and more to help you build an experience that supports your business and helps your customers. If you focus on their needs, you’ll always end up with healthier business.