id you know a customer’s post-purchase experience can have more of an impact on whether or not they become repeat customers than the actual purchasing experience? According to RetailDive approximately 40% of customers cite the post-purchase experience as the most influential part of their shopping experience.

Your customer’s post-purchase experience begins as soon as they click that submit order button on your Shopify checkout page.

A few things happen at that moment.

First, that shopper has evolved into an existing customer who is 3.5X more likely to purchase from your store again compared to a prospective customer. Second, the customer enters the post-purchase sales funnel. Third, your focus as the retailer shifts from converting them into a customer to building customer loyalty.



Your Shopify thank you page is your customers' first impression of your brand as a potential repeat customer. This is the time to put your best foot forward and take the opportunity to go beyond the courtesy of a thank you message.

It’s also a guaranteed contact point with customers. 100% of transactions completed on your Shopify store bring customers to the thank you page. Ecommerce email open rates are below 16%.

What should you include on your Shopify thank you page?

Thank you message

A personalized thank you message that includes the customer’s order details and reflects your brand is the foundation of your thank you page. Short, sweet, and powerful copy carries a lot of weight when building customer loyalty.

Spending a bit of time customizing your Shopify thank you page to stand out from the rest is a marketing power move. Thank you page apps like AfterSell even allow you to customize your page with text, images, videos, and gifs. So your customers can enjoy a branded experience at every touchpoint.


If you aren’t using post-purchase upsell and cross-sell opportunities you’re missing out on potential revenue. Your upsell funnel begins with your customer’s initial purchase, so when they land on the thank you page, you can have value-adding offers waiting for them.

Making these upsell offers one-click purchases can increase average order value even more. Apps like AfterSell available in the Shopify store make it simple to add these features and take advantage of these conversion opportunities with minimal effort


Much like offering a dog a treat when they sit to encourage them to repeat that action, offering post-purchase rewards can have the same psychological impact on your customers’ decision to buy from your brand.

Rewards can look like an opportunity to enroll in a rewards program, one-time coupon codes, or special discounts. Including these on your thank you page strengthens the positive association with your brand and potentially inspires them to purchase again right away.

Order status/tracking information

Thanks to brands like Amazon, online shoppers have high expectations when it comes to shipping and delivery options and order tracking. This is a huge part of the customer’s post-purchase experience (which we already established is an imperative part of their interaction with your brand.)

By including a link to track their order status (or better yet a custom-branded tracking page), your customers will feel more supported in their experience with your brand. Research shows customers return to view an order status page up to 5 times, creating more customer contact opportunities for you to present additional offers.

Customer service support

The thank you page is a great place to make customers aware of what customer support services you offer them. This is part of how you present your brand and boost customer satisfaction.

Social media

We live in a world of social media where influencers have become the new celebrities. Highlighting your social media pages on your thank you page allows you to tap into this powerful word-of-mouth advertising network. While the exact numbers vary across gender, race, and generation, most consumers report their decision to purchase a product is influenced by friends and family recommendations.

Product reviews and customer testimonials can also increase your brand’s reach. It keeps your customer thinking about your product and mimics word-of-mouth influence when potential customers visit your product pages.

How do you enhance your Shopify thank you page?

Shopify allows you to edit code to customize your page, but you don’t have to know how to do this to build an amazing thank you page. The Shopify app store is a treasure trove of resources that allow you to add features and customize sales features in almost endless ways.

There are apps like AfterSell that help you add one-click upsells. There are apps that allow you to drag and drop social media widgets for one-click follows. There are apps for building surveys or adding pop-ups. If you can dream it up, you can probably find an app that will help you build it.

Shopify app store- thank you page apps

Take away: Make your customers feel valued and don’t waste an opportunity to earn a sale.

Your Shopify thank you page is a golden opportunity to make your customer feel appreciated and supported. It’s your chance to reinforce your brand and provides an entrance into the powerful post-purchase sales funnel.

Rather than thinking about your thank you page as the conclusion of your customers' purchase, think about it as the beginning of their relationship with your brand.

If you aren’t using your thank you page to optimize your brand copy, link to order tracking pages, highlight your social media channels, and offer upsells, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for repeat purchases.

Mar 7, 2022

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