hen it comes to ecommerce, Shopify crushes it. But even though they’ve mastered ecommerce, it doesn’t mean everyone loves building their site with Shopify. If you’ve ever built a business on Shopify then you’ve probably experienced some of the growing pains of their website development capabilities. For example, why does their content editor look like it was built a decade ago?

WordPress vs Shopify WYSIWIG editor

Also, if you’ve ever tried to add or edit custom pages to your website theme it can be a nightmare. The built-in pages offer few options in the way of customization and editing themes comes with its own set of challenges.

Shopify Blog Post Editor

So it’s no surprise that some of the most highly rated and frequently used Shopify Apps include landing page builders. These apps come in all shapes and sizes but offer similar feature sets across the board. But before you download and test all of them, a quick review may save you some time and ultimately money.

Here are a few example use cases and the best Shopify landing app for each.

1. Pagefly - Best Overall Landing Page Builder

With more than 100,000 users, Pagefly calls itself the #1 landing page builder on Shopify. They offer a complete Shopify website customization tool. Pagefly’s toolset allows you to use their pre-built themes and pre-designed layouts to build high-converting landing pages. They even have templates for specific use cases like “coming soon” pages, product pages, collection pages, FAQ pages, and blog pages.

Their pricing starts at $19 and goes all the way up to $99 per month, with some basic features available for free. The nice thing about Pagefly is that they offer all of their features on every single pricing plan. The main difference between plans is the number of saved sections and version history.

Pagefly Pricing

Pagefly is a great solution if you’re looking to build dozens of landing pages for a variety of use cases. They have a robust platform that works well for a ton of use cases, however, it will require some work and customization to get things set up correctly. The platform doesn’t require technical abilities, but it does require a good understanding of Shopify.

2. AfterSell - Best Thank You Page Builder

Getting new customers is expensive. What if you could get 10-15% more revenue from your existing customers each month? AfterSell bills itself as a revenue-generating machine. We love AfterSell because it’s more than just a page builder. It actually makes you more money from every single sale. On average it drives 10-15% more revenue with no additional effort, other than a quick setup.

You can use AfterSell to design custom thank you pages and post-purchase offers based on product, quantity, collection, and cart value triggers. It uses scarcity and expiring offers in order to drive existing customers to make follow-on purchases. On average, customers return to the order confirmation thank you page 3 times. Why not offer them a customized experience and improve your revenue in the process. 

AfterSell is free for up to 50 orders per month. Their pricing varies based on your total monthly orders. They also offer a 30-day free trial to see the results before paying for performance.

3. Automizely - Best Free Landing Page Builder

If you’ve used Shopify apps for a few years you’ve probably heard of Automizely. They’ve created dozens of the most popular Shopify plugins, including the Automizely Page Builder. Since Automizely has many sources of revenue, they offer their Shopify landing page builder for free for 90 days. 

You don’t need a paid plan to use it, although after 90 days you’ll only have the ability to edit a single page. So while there is some free functionality, it’s capped after three months. This page builder offers a lot of the same features as Pagefly like drag-and-drop pages, pre-built templates, page analytics, and more. If you’re already using additional Automizely apps, then this one will sync nicely with everything else.

Choosing the right landing page builder.

Landing pages exist for a very specific reason—to give website visitors somewhere to land when they come to your website. But just like website visitors come to you for a variety of products, landing page builders usually excel at a few specific use cases, so choose carefully. More often than not, it’s easier to find a Shopify App that was tailor-made for your specific use-case than getting stuck trying to build everything with a single app.

It’s tempting to try a few Shopify Apps and either find one you like or give up building custom landing pages. But there are other ways to create landing pages without relying on Shopify Apps. For example, Leadpages and Unbounce have both been proven landing page software solutions for more than a decade and integrate directly with Shopify. Since these platforms have been around for so long they have a lot of features you just won’t get out of the box with a Shopify app like Unsplash integrations and ai-generated landing page copy.

Whatever landing page software you use, make sure you have a plan for measuring the results. It’s nice to have a shiny new tool to help you build landing pages, but if it doesn’t help grow your business, then what’s the point?

Feb 28, 2022

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